Brazil Culture

Afro-Brazilian arts a vibrant and mystical expression.

Rita Silva enchants and educates us with grace and spirituality as we connect to the elements of nature through the culture of dance and music.

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Rita Silva -A native of Bahia, Brazil where theWest African Yoruba traditions are preserved and celebrated in many different ways.


Divinities, Elements of Nature


Rita Silva in a typical dress for the divinity called "YANSA" or "OYA" this element of nature relates to the winds,change of moods, she is a female warrior.


Rita Silva is in a typical dress for the divinity called "OXUM" this element of nature represents vanity, sweet waters,gold and femininity.



Rita Silva in the typical dress for traditional Samba from Bahia.This samba is called "Circle Samba" A joyful dance and exchange of happiness,where you belly select the other person to enter the circle,and each person gets to show off there special steps.